A 2-person board game that blends between tradition chess and capture-the-flag. The objective of the game is to move your units through various portals and capture your opponent's zone.


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There are five zones, or shires:

At the center of each shire is the capture tile. In order to capture a shire, a Lord unit must land on this tile. Capturing netraul shires gives a player different bonuses, but capturing the opponent's shire is the final objective. Neutral shire can be recaptured and the bonus would transfer to the player who currently controls that shire. The board contains destructable rocks in grey. Destructable rocks can only be destroyed by a Rook. Once destroyed, destructable rocks will respawn after several turns. To travel from one shire to the other, the unit needs to enter a portal. The links between portals are indicated by the text on the portal. Unit can't immediately re-enter portals, meaning the have to make a move within the same shire before reentering the portal again.


If a unit is attacked, it will respawn at the starting location after several turns.


The objective of the game is to capture the opponent's shire. The game is over once a red Lord lands on blue's capture tile, or vice versa.


Shires was created in Unity3D using C#.